Saturday, 7 November 2020

more Swanny Ponds therapy, the Coots a favourite!






Wednesday, 14 October 2020

exercising today on Broughty Beach, Orchar Park & Reres Hill

This morning after Olympia Dundee swim when sitting in car with heater full on, drying hair, I was still reflecting on where to walk, looked to the east saw the skies were brighter at the Ferry so headed there.



I've walked this route before, from Broughty Beach through the sand dunes and by Panmure St under the railtrack to Orchar Park.  From there along Monifieth Rd to Reres Hill (Park). Here's a 3D model I did of the Gateway on 31 July 2019:


Photos from today:





Tuesday, 13 October 2020

glad to say that knee ligament injury is healing

Swimming in the Dundee Olympia training pool 5 days a week, since 14 September when the pool opened again after 6mths in lockdown, has been very useful in helping my medial collateral ligament injury on left knee to recover (got it when over-exercising at home, end of May during lockdown).  Plus walking around Dundee which is getting easier every day, now being able to jog a bit, leaning on right side now.

Today I parked car in Hilltown and walked down to the city centre, finding the hills useful exercise if painful, but no pain no gain, as the saying goes.  I like the older cobbled streets for ankle flexibility, also walking on grass verges, parks and sand at Broughty beach.  

today on the Cowgate, Dundee


today on Ann St Dundee carrying 2 waist packs/bags

I now wear an extra belt pack around waist to carry juice container, battery charger for phone, face covering, rather than a rucksack on my back which can put more strain on legs, knees.  I'm keeping to a reduced calorie intake these days to lose weight and reduce stress on my legs, the right fibula with a titanium plate from 2005, hence the various left leg injuries in the years since, including a pulled hamstring in 2016.  

No showers as yet after swimming so it means keeping wet hair covered when walking around Dundee and having a bath, washing and conditioning hair later on in the day after returning home to Springfield.  I'm just glad the swimming pool is open again as the water therapy is helping my knee ligaments to heal much quicker and keeps other body parts flexible.

back up Hilltown after city centre walk today

setting up for Songs of Praise at City Churches Dundee today


I was walking up the Nethergate then round by St Mary's Tower to the Overgate
when noticing vans outside the church door, one of them saying Avanti Media, so I googled and found it was a film company, then asked one of the young men what was happening.  Being curious.



Dash cam films on way to and in Dundee 7-12Oct20






Friday, 9 October 2020

self physical therapy - swimming & walking for knee ligament recovery

Today I did the usual 20mins swimming exercise in the Olympia Dundee training pool (Mon-Frid), using breast-stroke and back-stroke, also stretching legs, until feeling the pain in my injured left knee's medial collateral ligament.  And then I went for a walk, today doing about 2.5mls from Sainsbury's by Claypotts Castle:

My route was slightly different, turning onto a path at Forthill Park leading to Marlee Rd and Menteith St, then going through the park at Balgillo Road East.

Claypotts Castle




I jogged a wee bit, leaning on right leg, testing left knee.  Helped warm me up in shady places.  Glad to be walking a bit further each day.  

I injured my knee back at the end of May during Lockdown, doing fitness exercises at home and it got worse a couple of months later when I leaned too hard on left knee.  After this I got the medial collateral ligament diagnosis at Ninewells on 31 August, then a physio phone appointment 23 September which confirmed that it could take a while for knee to heal.  And that swimming was the best exercise.

today after Olympia swim